Armed response and security companies have become the backbone of law and personal security in South Africa.
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With an estimated half-a-million people employed, the security industry is larger than the country’s police force and has become the face of crime fighting in South Africa.

The only aim of this website is to give you a short-cut to armed response and security companies near you, because when you need security services, you don’t want to float around the Internet searching while you have a security problem to solve. The power of the security industry, which encompasses the armed response services, lies mainly in the

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

PSIRA has a mandate from the Private Security Industry Regulatory Act 56 of 2001 which defines its main objective as the regulation of the private security industry in South Africa and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest, and in the interest of the private security industry itself. The PSIRA website http://www.psira.co.za/psira

The Security Association of South Africa (SASA)

SASA is the largest employers association in the South African security industry.

Their aim is to provide a range of services that benefit security employers and their employees and in that way ensure that the public receive an acceptable standard of service from their security and armed response companies. The SASA website

Finding an armed response and security company near you can be a problem because the websites of PSIRA and SASA do not list their members (February 2017).

  • It is often the best to search Google for “armed response companies near me”. If your location is activated on your device, and Google can detect where you are, it will show you the best results.
  • Another practical tip is to look at the security company signs on the property fences in your area. If you then Google the names, the most popular often show up in the results. On the right of the Google results page there is often an entry with a Google Map and photos. Below the photos and name of the company, you will see a small heading “Google Reviews”. That will tell you what people’s experience with the company has been.
  • Armed response and security tip:Look at the names and dates of the reviews. Many reviews without photos of the reviewers and many reviews around the same date, may point to an effort to manipulate the reviews. Google is quite good at catching these, so mostly the reviews are reliable. Often, the reviewers can be found by searching for the name and the area, if one needs to confirm the review.

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